Once again, the results from my students this year have been good, and can be summarised as follows:

In total I had 24 students taking exams this year. 13x A level , 2x IB, 7x GCSE and 2 doing other Maths related courses. All of my A level students achieved “A*-C” grades (100% pass rate), and 6 out of 7 of my students achieving “A*-C” grades at GCSE (86% pass rate). My 2 IB students were both doing “Studies” level and achieved a Level 5 and a Level 6 respectively. I had 2 students attempting an extension GCSE course called FSMQ Additional Maths both achieving A grades.

One student stood out; having achieved an E grade in A/S Maths last year (2013) at a local Grammar school, he moved to a college and restarted the year retaking all his Maths A/S modules. After having tutored him though the year he retook his exams and achieved an A grade. An excellent improvement and indicative of the fact that it is perfectly possible to make dramatic improvements at times. I put this improvement down to a change of attitude by the student, a willingness to take risks and make significant changes to learning (e.g. changing school), and proper focus on what needs to be done to get a top grade.

This year I had 4 A level Further Maths students, which reflects the fact that there is an increasing number of students taking this option in their A level studies.

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