This year I tutored 9 A/S and A2 level students of whom 3 were also attempting Further Maths A level. All of these students passed with A-C grades with the best result being one student who scored A* Maths, A* Further Maths. He now intends to study Engineering at Bath University. My most improved student was from Palmers College. She had received a U grade in her S1 statistics module in 2013/14 so decided to resit all her A/S modules this year 2014/15 receiving tutoring for an hour and a half a week. This year her result improved to a B grade which is a very creditable improvement.

As for my GCSE Maths students, I tutored 10 students and between them they received 4 x A’s, 3 x B’s, and 3 x C’s.

Additionally, I had one student taking his GCSE Statistics exam and he achieved an A grade in the examination.

The only conclusion I can come to is that tutoring WORKS! Please contact me if you need further information