Once again it’s time to report how my students did in their A level and GCSE results in 2016, so here goes…….

I had 8 GCSE students taking final exams this year. Between them they achieved

2 x A*’s,

2 x A’s,

2 x B’s,

and 2 x C’s.

This equates to a 100% A*-C pass rate and the students should quite rightly be proud of themselves! Congratulations to all!

Additionally, I had 6 A level Maths students taking either A/S or A2 level this year (or in one case both!). For A/S level this broke down to 1xB, 1XC grade whilst for A2 I had

1 x B,

1 x C,

and 2 x D grades

Finally, I had one of my long term students whom I had been tutoring over the past 3 years achieve a First Class Honours in Engineering via a part-time course operated by Northampton University. This was an outstanding result achieved by a very hardworking and tenacious student, who exhibited an exemplary attitude to his studies and achieved his just reward.