The service I provide with regards to private tuition is delivered in accordance with the below. Upon making a booking, all customers will agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All sessions are booked and agreed in advance by myself and the customer.
  2. All sessions are either paid for at the end of each tutoring session or in advance.
  3. Preferred method of payment is via EFT or BACs payment. Cash or PayPal payments are also acceptable.
  4. All sessions are one hour in length, unless otherwise agreed beforehand. Sessions are generally delivered during term time but additional sessions can be arranged during holiday periods if required.
  5. A session begins upon arrival at the teaching location, at the specified time if at tutor’s home or for online sessions at the specified time made when booking the session. If the customer is unavoidably late then I will endeavour to still deliver the agreed session for the allotted time but may not always be able to fulfil this commitment. In these circumstances full payment will still be required.
  6. Although there will be times when sessions have to be cancelled for various reasons, repeated and/or regular cancellations will result in the cancellation of any further sessions.
  7. For online tuition, if the technology fails for any reason then either a pro-rata payment will apply for the proportion of the session delivered or payment for the interrupted session will be waived.
  8. Whilst my results record is very good, and I fully expect students undertaking tuition to make significant improvements in their mathematical studies, clearly no guarantees can be made regarding actual outcomes or results.
  9. Late cancellations: 48 hours notice is required on all cancelled sessions. If sessions are cancelled after this time, then a 50% late fee will be charged.
  10. Please also see my Privacy Policy regarding data protection and safeguarding personal data details.